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Vibrant Celebrations: Events and Festivals in Junction City, KS

By Keirsten Bartley, Posted on 09 Nov, 2022 at 11:01 am

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Junction City, Kansas, is a city that knows how to celebrate! Throughout the year, this lively community hosts an array of events and festivals that showcase its rich culture, traditions, and vibrant spirit. Join us as we dive into the exciting calendar of festivities that make Junction City come alive.

Parades and Celebrations

One of the highlights of Junction City's event calendar is the annual Sundown Salute. Held around Independence Day, this multi-day celebration features a grand parade, live music performances, food vendors, and a spectacular fireworks display. It's a fantastic opportunity to join the local community in honoring the nation's independence and enjoying a lively atmosphere.

In addition to the Sundown Salute, Junction City hosts various parades throughout the year. From the Veterans Day Parade, which pays tribute to the brave men and women who have served in the military, to the Christmas Parade that fills the streets with festive cheer, these parades bring the community together in a vibrant display of unity and celebration.

Music Festivals and Performances

Junction City is a haven for music enthusiasts, with several music festivals and performances taking place throughout the year. The Smoky Hill River Festival, held in Oakdale Park, is a beloved event that showcases live music performances from local and national artists. Enjoy a diverse range of music genres, from jazz and blues to rock and country, while immersing yourself in the festive atmosphere.

For classical music lovers, the Junction City Symphony Orchestra offers a series of performances featuring talented musicians and captivating symphonies. Experience the beauty of live orchestral music and support the local arts scene in Junction City.

Art Exhibitions and Cultural Events

Junction City embraces its thriving arts community through various art exhibitions and cultural events. The Art Walk, held in downtown Junction City, is a celebration of local artists and their works. Explore galleries and studios, meet artists, and admire a diverse range of art forms, including paintings, sculptures, and photography.

For those interested in cultural diversity, the International Food and Culture Festival is a must-visit. This lively event showcases a vibrant mix of cuisines, performances, and traditions from different cultures represented within the community. Experience the flavors and sights from around the world right in the heart of Junction City.

Final Thoughts

Junction City, Kansas, is a city that knows how to celebrate, with a calendar filled with vibrant events and festivals. Whether you're joining the community in parades, enjoying live music performances, or immersing yourself in art exhibitions, these festivities offer an exciting glimpse into the heart and soul of Junction City. Plan your visit accordingly and become part of the lively atmosphere that brings this community together.

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